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art & illustration

My Name is Johannes Moritz Krebs.

I am a self tought artist and illustrator from Germany. Inspired by classical RPG and tabletop art, my illustrations depict grotesque fantasy worlds and their inhabitants. Fairy tales, folklore and the increasingly popular genre of Folkhorror are also major influences on my work.

An important part of my understanding of art is the use of traditional methods. While I like to explore acrylic painting and coloured inks, most of my illustrations are drawn in black ink, favouring strong contrasts and clear lines.  I am always eager to find the right artistic approach for each project and offer a wide range of art styles without compromising on my own individual style.

You need some concept art for your tabletop miniatures, illustrations for your bookproject or just some oldschool art to decorate your walls, then write me an E-Mail or send me a message via one of my various social media presences.
My Portfolio includes concept art for “Rotten Factory” and “Turnip28”, illustrations for “Hollow Press” as well as work for several independent magazines and RPG books. I also regularily collaborate with Andrew May of “Meridian-Miniatures” for the “Blackcrabminiatures” range.  

Comissions closed until the end of 2022. But don‘t hesitate to contact me to talk about future projects.
art shows & exhibitions:

2022    Ehrenbreitsteiner             Kunsttage, Koblenz

2021    Ehrenbreitsteiner             Kunsttage, Koblenz

2015    Haus Metternich,             Koblenz

2015    Museumsnacht Koblenz 

published illustration work:

Marsh, Clint (2020): Fiddlers Green. Peculiar Parish Magazine. Gods of the afternoon. Berkeley. USA.
Illustration for: „Who shall inherit the earth“ by Melissa Madara. 

Marsh, Clint (2021): Fiddlers Green. Peculiar Parish Magazine. Idyl Hearts. Berkeley. USA.
Illustration for: „The archetypal scarecrow“ by Neil Martinson. 

El D/ Teal, Josh  (2021): Cvstomerservice Volume V. Folklore of the islands.
Illustration for:„Folklore studies on experimental Horror. The third day“ and cover illustration.
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